Velvet Boxes

Velvet boxes are a perfect choice for storing jewellery, medals, coins, religious articles and corporate gifts. They look stylish and at the same time, grant the items much needed protection from damage and scratches. The boxes are made out of high quality velvet and are available in stock, in a very affordable prices.

Velvet jewellery packaging is perfect for any kinds of jewellery: rings, necklaces, bracelets, chains and pendants. In our stock you can find boxes for any kind of celebrations – for example heart-shaped velvet box, perfect for Valentine’s day gifts, engagements or other gifts.

Elegant velvet coin cases are also available in our offer. They are a perfect choice for numismatics and metalcasts – these boxes are equipped with specialised pads, that will prevent the coin from moving around. It is also much more elegant, than other types of packaging (i.e. plastic bags). You can find pre-produced packaging for popular diameters – 35,2 mm or 50mm – available in stock immedaitely, but we can also produce a custom pad, with perfect hole for your product.

We also offer velvet medal packaging. We prepared boxes for most popular medals: 60mm, 70mm and 80 mm diameter as well as for medals on a ribbon. If your medal is of an unusual shape or size – we can manufacture a custom pad, designed to fit your medal perfectly. It’s also a perfect choice for emblems.

Velvet pin cases are on of the most portable packaging solutions in our offer. They are a perfect fit for pins, cufflinks and tie clips. We offer two types of pads – thin pierce-able pads or “pillow-like” pads, that do not need to be pierced with a pin or a cufflink.

We also have velvet religious articles packaging, that are perfect for religious jewellery and other accessories: rosary, christian crosses, pendants and medallions. They are a perfect choice for many church industries and ecommerce sites.

The last type of boxes we offer are corporate gifts/advertising accessories boxes. We have packaging for pens, keychains, medallions, pins, spoons or even watches. This is especially useful for advertising agencies and other stores specialised in corporate gadgets – make sure your products are properly packed for your client.

We also make imprints on our boxes or inside them (white lid). Send us your graphic design and we will let you know, if we can print it on the selected box, while also offering you a visualisation.

Most of the boxes in our offer are available first hand, in many colours and in affordable prices. If you wish to learn our prices – please contact us.

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