Boxes for Advertising Accessories

Boxes for Advertising Accessories & packaging for corporate gifts – no matter the corporate gift, it is important to pack and store it nicely. We offer wide range of elegant boxes, which can fit pens, spoons, keychains, flash drives, pins and more. Thanks to them, the items will be nicely displayed, as well as well protected.

We offer square or rectangular packaging, which will be a perfect option for pens, spoons or keychains. We offer minimalistic boxes, as well as decorated with a ribbon. Available in many colour combinations.

On the other hand, our velvet boxes are covered with a nice to touch, elegant material, velure-like. Each one of them is equipped with a soft, coloured pad, designed specifically to store advertising gadgets. Products available in our stock are made out of high quality materials, made with attention to details. Thanks to that, they present themselves nicely, while also being very durable.

Make sure you put your Advertising Accessories in an elegant box, to make it more elegant for your client. Order the boxes with an imprint (i.e. your clients logo) to make the packaging even nicer.

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