Heart-shaped Velvet Box | FU-24


Availability: Available in large quantities

Symbol: FU-24

Available colours: Red/red, Red/white, Dark blue/dark blue, Dark blue/white, Green, Burgundy, Cream, Black

Size: 50 x 43 x 35 mm

Pad: Double pillow

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 48 pcs

Large carton: 576 pcs


Heart-shaped Velvet Box has an unique heart shape, that fits nicely with many kinds of jewellery. It’s a perfect box for jewellery, such as rings or earrings. It is also a great fit for engagement rings or pins.

Heart-shaped Velvet case is made out of thick, high quality flock. Its small size makes sure, that the box is portable and handy, which also adds to it’s representative value in a shopping display. Pad resembles a double pillow and is a perfect option for storing jewellery, rings and other gadgets. It makes sure the item does not move inside, which prevents any damage, such as scratches. The box closes with a hinge – safe and elegant.

It suits many kinds of jewellery, pins and more: rings, earrings, gold and silver gadgets. Thanks to its unique shape it goes great with wedding jewellery, family gifts and valentine’s day gifts. Available in many colours immediately.

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Available Colours

Red, Blue, Cream-Coloured, Black, Burgundy, Green


50 x 43 x 35 mm


Rings, Earrings, Wedding Rings



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Heart-shaped Velvet Box | FU-24