Cardboard Oblong Jewellery Box | CT-11


Availability: Available in large quantities

Symbol: CT-11

Available colours:

Blue + Cream ribbon

Cream+ Cream ribbon

Red + Golden ribbon

Red+ Cream ribbon

Size: 235 x 38 x 21 mm

Pad: Foam pad with bands

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 12 pcs

Large carton: 144 pcs


Cardboard Oblong Jewellery Box CT-11 is an elegant, long jewellery cardboard box perfect for jewellery on a chain. It is perfect for jewelry such as: Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants and even Rosaries. The foam pad is designed to hold the item in place – thanks to that, products are safe during transportation – perfect choice for jewellery ecommerce stores.

The cardboard is made out of highest quality paper. It is thick, while also having an original texture – thanks to that it looks nice, but is also very durable. The oblong shape of the jewellery case allows it to have plenty of space inside it for storing silver or gold jewellery. The lid is detach-able. We can also make an imprint on the box – thanks to that, it will remind your clients, where they bought their expensive jewellery.

The cardboard oblong jewellery case is available in many colours, with multiple combinations of ribbon – box colours.

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Available Colours

Blue + Cream ribbon, Cream+ Cream ribbon, Red + Golden ribbon, Red+ Cream ribbon


235 x 38 x 21 mm


Rosaries, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants


Foam pad with bands

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Cardboard Oblong Jewellery Box | CT-11