Small Velvet Pin Box | FU-4


Availability: Available in large quantity

Symbol: FU-4

Available colours: Red, Dark blue

Size: 45 x 51 x 24 mm

Pad: Flat cardboard pad (pierce-able)

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 48 pcs

Large carton: 576 pcs


Small velvet pin box FU-4 with a flat pad is a perfect case for small pins. The cardboard pad is pierce-able, meaning you can attach any kind of pin to it. It also works with jewellery, small accessories or small badges. It also protects the items inside. High quality velvet makes sure the box is nice-to-touch, and also very fashionable. Available in two colours with a possibility to print your logo on the white lid.

The velvet pin case is perfect for small pins. The shape of the box is rectangular, with no rounded edges – this makes this box very portable and easy to display i.e. in shopping cabinets. It also makes the relatively small pins look elegant.

Small velvet pin box is available in stock in large quantities with an affordable wholesale price.

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Available colours

Red, Dark blue


45 x 51 x 24 mm


Pins, Gifts, Jewellery, Accessories


Flat cardboard pad (pierce-able)

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Small Velvet Pin Box | FU-4