Velvet Heart-shaped Jewellery Box | FU-62


Availability: Available in large quantity

Symbol: FU-62

Available colours: Red

Size:65 x 60 x 41 mm

Pad: Flocked pad with incision

Method of packaging: 

Small carton: 24 szt.

Large carton: 288 szt.


Velvet Heart-shaped Jewellery Box FU-62 is an uniquely shaped jewellery box. A rose flower is pictured on top of the heart shape, giving the box a truely elegant look. It is perfect for small jewellery, such as rings, enagagement rings, earrings and more. It can even fit pins or clips.

Jewellery flower box is made out of high quality, thick flock. It makes the box nice to feel and gives it an unique look on top of that. It presents itself perfectly in a store display and shelves. The pad is equiped with an incision, perfect to fit rings or earrings. It prevents the items from moving, which grants them safety from damage.

It is perfect for Valentine’s day gifts or accessories of this theme – your clients will be very happy with their purchase and they will surely come back another time.

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Available colours



65 x 60 x 41 mm


Rings, Wedding rings


Flocked pad with incision

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Velvet Heart-shaped Jewellery Box | FU-62