Velvet Cross Necklace Box | FU-1


Availability: Available in large quantity

Symbol: FU-1

Available colours: Red, Green, Dark blue, Burgundy

Size: 60 x 75 x 31 mm

Pad: Flat velvet pad

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 24 pcs

Large carton: 288 pcs


Velvet Cross Necklace Box is an elegant flocked box perfect for jewellery and religious items, such as pendants, necklaces, rosaries and much more. The box is made out of high quality velvet, which adds extra value to your products. It also protects them well from potential damage. The box is available in four colours. We can also make a small imprint inside the lid – i.e. your logo or a short message.

FU-1 box is universal – it can be used for multiple purposes, such as pins, jewellery, medals. It also comes with a special pad, which is a perfect fit for coins or medals. We can produce a custom pad, that will perfectly fit your designated item.

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Available colours

Red, Green, Dark blue, Burgundy


60 x 75 x 31 mm


Pendants, Necklaces, Christian cross


Flat velvet pad (pierce-able)

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Velvet Cross Necklace Box | FU-1