Leatherette Multipurpose Box | SC-51


Availability: Available in medium quantities

Symbol: SC-51

Available colours: Dark blue

Size: 104 x 152 x 33mm

Pad: Velvet flat pad

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 12 pcs

Large carton: 72 pcs


Leatherette Multipurpose Box SC-51 is an elegant case made out of eco-leather for different purposes. It works great with jewellery, religious items, pins and of course medals and metalcasts. It has an elegant, velvet pad, which makes displaying your product nice and easy. On top of that it has a ribbon that can hold a certificate inside. The pad is pierce-able – you can also order a custom pad, designed specifically for your item. We can also make an imprint inside or outside the packaging, in case you would be interested.

Leatherette Multipurpose Box is made out of high grade materials – eco leather and a solid base grants your items much needed safety, while also keeping them looking pretty. The case works great for medal on a ribbon. Our clients usually put mutliple pins inside.


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Available Colours

Dark blue


104 x 152 x 33mm


Medals, Pins, Jewellery, Religious items, Crosses


Flat velvet pad

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Leatherette Multipurpose Box | SC-51