Other material boxes

Other material boxes in our offers are made out different materials including: wood, plastic and mixed material. They are perfect for many different items, including jewellery, medals, metalcasts, emblems, religious merchandise and corporate gifts.

Jewellery packaging in this offer includes PP-2 plastic box, made out of transparent plastic. It’s “crystal” shaped, which makes it perfect for small medallions, rings and rosary rings.

Leatherette SC-2 box is the only leather like case in our offer. It’s shape suits multiple purposes – our clients store pin sets, medals and jewellery in this box. It’s very elegant in a dark, stylish colour.

Plastic medal case FU-TPU-18 is a case for medals on a ribbon – which is very similar to our FU-18 box of similar purpose. This box is custom made, only made after an order for it is placed – we can change the colour, imprint and pad before starting the production.

If you didn’t find anything particularly interesting in our offer – we can manufacture a custom box, according to your instructions. If you would like to learn more about this service – contact us.

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