Transparent Plastic Jewellery Box | PP-2


Availability: Available in medium quantities

Symbol: PP-2

Available colours: Red pad

Size: 48 x 48 x 45mm

Pad: Velvet pillow with an incision

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 24 pcs

Large carton: 288 pcs


Transparent Plastic Jewellery Box is an elegant, uniquely shaped jewellery case made out of see-through plastic. It has a red pad with an incision, perfect for storing jewellery such as rings, signets, earrings or even religious articles such as rosary ring. The pad also grants the items inside stability, making them stable, preventing any possible damage during transportation. The items are visible even when the box is closed – perfect to display in a store shelve or online.

Plastic Jewellery Box is made out of high quality materials. It goes great with wedding jewellery, family gifts or Valentine’s day gifts. Our clients often choose this case to store their religious merchanidse, just like aforementioned rosary ring. The box is available in bulk in a great price.

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Available Colours

Red pad


48 x 48 x 45mm


Rings, Earrings, Religious merchandise


Velvet pillow with an incision

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Transparent Plastic Jewellery Box | PP-2