Velvet Tie Clip Box | FU-55


Availability: Available in large quantities

Symbol: FU-55

Available coulours: Red, Green, Dark blue

Size:89 x 41 x 29 mm

Pad: Velvet pillow with incision

Sposób pakowania: 

Small carton: 36 pcs

Large carton: 432 pcs


Velvet Tie Clip Box FU-55 is an elegant velvet case perfect for tie clips, cufflinks, jewellery and more. Its oblong shape make it easy to fit in large tie clips, multiple pins and cufflinks as well as jewellery such as wedding rings. It can even fit a jewellery set inside it. It displays the items elegantly and grants them protection from damage or scratches.

The case is solid, made out of high quality materials, which makes it a perfect match to jewellery or expensive items. It’s available in three colours – clips or cufflinks received in such a box are sure to make your clients happy, wanting to come back.

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Available Colours

Red, Green, Dark blue


89 x 41 x 29 mm


Cufflinks, Tie clips, Earrings, Rings, Wedding rings


Velvet pillow with incision

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Velvet Tie Clip Box | FU-55