Cardboard Ribbon Ring Box | GWB-7


Availability: Available in medium quantities

Symbol: GWB-7

Available colours: Cream-colour

Size:52 x 52 x 47 mm

Pad:Foam pad with an incision

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 36 pcs

Large carton: 432 pcs


Cardboard Ribbon Ring Box GWB-7 is an elegant cardboard jewellery case made out of thick, high quality paper. The box is perfect for small sized jewellery: rings, engagement rings and earrings. It also works great with religious items. The pad has a small incision which help in displaying the item, while also keeping it protected. It is a great choice for ecommerce sites, that want to minimize the possibility of damage during transport.

The box is relatively small, making it affordable, yet fashionable. The lid is detach-able, which make it very easy to use the box. We can also make an imprint on the box – which can be your logo or anything that will fit on it. Please contact us, to learn more about this box.

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Available Colours



52 x 52 x 47 mm


Rings, Engagement rings


Foam pad with an incision

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Cardboard Ribbon Ring Box | GWB-7