Leatherette Medal Cover


Availability: Only custom orders

Symbol: OK-01

Available coulours: Customizable

Size:195 x 95 x 15 mm (Open)

Pad:Velvet pad with 60mm or 70mm hole

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 12 pcs

Large carton: 144 pcs


Leatherette Medal Cover for a medal is one of the interesting solutions for packing occasional medals. The case is made of eco-leather, but it is also possible to make a paper veneer to reduce costs. The insert is made of plastic, covered with a thick layer of flock. It is possible to make a personalized insert for non-standard sizes of medals.

The leather-like cover for the medal is made of high-quality materials, it is perfect for medals presented on various occasions. Its elegant appearance, size and qualities ensure the safety of the decorations and make them look elegant.

The medal case is made in Poland by experienced bookbinders. This ensures high quality of finish and quick implementation of personalized elements.

The standard dimensions of the inserts are 60mm and 70mm. Nevertheless, it is possible to make an insert with a non-standard indentation, depending on the customer’s needs. We also make prints on our products.

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Available Colours



195 x 95 x 15 mm (Open)


Medals, Coins


Velvet pad with 60mm or 70mm hole

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Leatherette Medal Cover