Custom Pad – Pads for medals, coins, emblems and more

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We offer a possibility of manufacturing a custom pad for any box in our current stock. We create foam and flocked pads for items such as: medals, coins, emblems, pins and more. We can make a pad for items any size, as long as it fits one of our boxes.

The biggest advantage of custom pad is that, in this pad the item will have a perfect fit. It looks very elegant, but also prevents the item from moving around inside the box (i.e. during transportation). Thanks to that, it prevents scratches or dents in your products – a perfect choice for ecommerce stores.

In order to manufacture a custom pad we will need a sample of the product. It takes approximately 3 weeks to manufacture a custom pad. Please contact us to learn more about the proccess – we will let you know all the steps, as well as provide you with a price offer.

In the pictures you can find our finished projects regarding the custom pads.

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Custom Pad – Pads for medals, coins, emblems and more